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We’ve arrived!!


After a birthday that went on for 32 hours, stopping in 4 countries and in the air for about 20 hours, we are finally in Rome!! The flights were all really smooth, the seats were comfy (alas no complimentary upgrade) and we both snoozed quite a bit.

When we arrived in Rome, we picked up our car which is BEAUTIFUL, an Opel Insignia wagon that is really spacious and new – I’ll post a pic of it soon. After a few tense minutes where the GPS couldn’t locate the satellites, it finally kicked in and we were able to navigate our way to the hotel, which was not too far from the airport (Hotel Tiber). Dan did a great job getting used to left side drive, and I did a good job punching the address into the GPS… onwards and upwards!
We finished my birthday night off at a little local seafood restaurant with a carafe of sparkling wine, then fell into a comfy bed.


Here is a pic from our balcony – this morning we could hear the fishermen as they prepared to leave for the day:

We’re going to have a quick swim in the pool and then brave the traffic for the drive into our Rome hotel Beldes HR – we’ll be there for 3 nights and are looking forward to seeing Rome again and exploring it. It’s quite surreal that we’re actually here!!

Finally – thanks to everyone for an epic leaving festival, I think I said goodbye to some of you about 10 times (I’m looking at you Mitali) so thanks for your patience haha. Here are just a few pics from the Dan & Lisa Leaving Festival


DSCN0316   DSCN0224   DSCN0050   DSCN0120   DSCN0245   DSCN0269   DSCN0294   DSCN0076   IMG_0128IMG_0044

3 thoughts on “We’ve arrived!!

  1. Lovely to hear you’re there safe and sound and on your way to a wonderful adventure. Love Mum/Adele xx


  2. and your blog works too! Great to hear your long trip went smoothly – what a cool way to spend your extended b i r t h d a y, and what a fantastic destination. Benvenuti a Roma! x


  3. So good to hear you guys arrived safe! Will be using your blog as a motivation to do my trip next year, so I will be one of your top followers haha! And Dan, your “What A Wonderful World” debut should be up this weekend on youtube!


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