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Rome Part I – The Eternal City


Rome is a magical city, I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. There is literally something amazing to look at on every street corner. After a few days of wandering around, it was almost like “oh yeah, there’s another fountain… there’s another ancient ruin… there’s another castle”.

DSCN0383  DSCN0385 DSCN0381

After three days in Rome I was more and more in love with the city, but I was photo fatigued and had to be content just looking with my camera in my pocket. We literally wandered until my feet nearly fell off.

IMG_0202  IMG_0206  DSCN0431

All the buildings blend in, old and new merging seamlessly, making you feel like you could be in ancient Rome – easy to see why it is so often called the eternal city.  And there are so many amazing areas of Rome, we just kept discovering more and more pockets of gold.

The Travestere area is so beautiful with its tiny little cobblestone paths, but it can be a bit hard finding non touristy areas.


We loved the area  in between Termini Station and the Colosseum – start with Via Urbana and go from there, super trendy shops and wine bars.

The area behind Saint Angelo Castle felt a bit like East Melbourne or Albert park (minus the beach), that was the area we stayed in and it was well away from the mass of tourists.


Of course we loved the Vatican city, with its amazing array of art, architecture and grandeur.

DSCN0369  DSCN0373  DSCN0379

DSCN0325     DSCN0362  DSCN0329

We had the best tour guide of the Vatican city, he was an absolute legend. I highly recommend a tour not just for the extra info, but for skipping the queues – which looked to be about a 2 hour wait. Although I did see that there was a very short / non-existent queue at the front for people who had purchased online tickets. The Sistine chapel is beautiful, but I think the incredible array of statues, paintings and tapestries steal the show at the Vatican.

DSCN0337  DSCN0336  DSCN0339


DSCN0347  DSCN0345  DSCN0377

I was yet again amazed by the Colosseum and its gigantic proportions. Once inside, I felt like I could almost understand how the Romans would have been intoxicated by the gladiator shows – the scale of the place is so huge that you can imagine how people would have been able to detach a bit from what they were watching, like an ancient version of a video game or action movie. Again, a tour lets you skip the queues, which in my opinion is well worth it.

IMG_0201  IMG_0197

I don’t really understand the fuss about the Spanish steps, and the Trevi Fountain was closed for restoration (but we had both seen it before). There are so many other fabulous sights in Rome regardless.

We had some amazing food in Rome, but I’ll write about that in another post soon.

One unexpected feature of Rome – there are water taps scattered throughout the city, with cold, fresh water freely available to drink. Just buy a bottle of water and then refill it all day long.

DSCN0601  DSCN0602  DSCN0610

If you don’t have a water bottle, pop your hand over the tap and it will be forced up through a smaller hole at the top of the pipe, turning it into a drinking fountain.


So clever!! Apparently there are over 2,500 of these scattered around the city, and particularly on really hot days, they really come in handy.

All in all, Rome is an amazing city that we both love even more than the last time we were each here.


After our first three nights in Rome, we spent four nights in Sorrento and are now back for one night in Rome before heading onto Tuscany today! More to come on the food in Rome, and our time in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast!


3 thoughts on “Rome Part I – The Eternal City

  1. All sounds amazing! Super jealous x

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  2. Hi guys. Brilliant blog and stunning photos! With all that sunshine, it doesn’t feel quite so c-c-c-cold down here. Thanks so much for sharing. x

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  3. Fabulous info and detail and the photos are stunning. Blogging is well worth the effort for the recipients! Thanks Lisa xx

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