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We had two nights to make our way from Nice to Barcelona, so we looked at a map and Montpellier looked to be the most logical halfway point. None of us knew anything about it, although Pete and I googled it and found out it was a university town.

So we found a hotel (Kyriad Montpellier Centre Antigone), jumped in the car and made our way there, although to be honest we all had Barcelona on our brain, where we were headed to next.

We arrived, and went for a wander around the town. And fell in love. What a place.

Montpellier is indeed a university town, vibrant, young, arty and with great shops.

DSCN1228  DSCN1209  DSCN1306

There is also lots of street art around, including quite a few bicycles embedded into walls.. not sure what that is about but it makes for an interesting walk around town.

DSCN1203  DSCN1208  DSCN1221    DSCN1213

It has a pulse at night that is friendly, fun and laid back. Everything was cheaper than in Nice, thanks to the many impoverished uni students who just wanted a beer.

The town winds around on itself like a little maze. but it’s small enough that you can quickly find your way around.

We went on the tourist train one afternoon, which winds around the streets with some very tight squeezes, it’ a really nice way to see the main sights and get your bearings.

DSCN1264  DSCN1236  DSCN1234

The main square is huge, one of the largest pedestrianised squares in Europe apparently. The opera house is a majestic old building that sits at one end of the square, and is beautiful.

DSCN1291  DSCN1225

As you can see, it’s a beautiful town.

DSCN1260  DSCN1256

DSCN1251  DSCN1226

As always, we were on the search for some great food. We waited so long to have dinner the first night that everything was closed by the time we started looking (about midnight!) – we got into the Spanish habit of eating late a little bit too eagerly! So we shamefully ended up at McDonalds that night!

We redeemed ourselves the next night though, eating at Cafe Leon, which was great. We were sitting out the back in a little sheltered courtyard, and had a lovely waiter and waitress.


For starters the boys both had a goats cheese and fig gratin type of thing, which was really delicious, the figs offsetting the cheese really nicely.

I had a salmon tartare which was really fresh and simple.

DSCN1294  DSCN1295

Dan and I shared two mains, and the first we won’t talk about because it wasn’t great (a seafood risotto). But the other main was a confit duck, and it was AMAZING. The best duck I’ve ever had.


Desserts were delicious as well, Dan had a lemon meringue slice, and Pete and I had caramel tiramisu.

DSCN1302  DSCN1303

We had a really fun time in Montpellier, it just has a great vibe about it, and we would love to go back.
But the next stop was Barcelona!!!

DSCN1231  DSCN1219



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  1. After reading this Montpellier is definitely on the bucket list. Thanks for the great post.


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