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We love Barcelona Part III – More Fun

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This was meant to be a guest post by Dan, but it’s not to be. So stay tuned for a guest post from him sometime in the future!

My third post on Barcelona is just about a few more things we did / saw that we loved, in no particular order.

Barcelona FC

We were on the hop on / hop off bus, and were approaching the Barcelona Football Club stop. The boys decided we should jump off, and I was feeling a bit sleepy and lethargic so it was good timing to stretch my legs. The boys wanted to do the tour, and I wanted to buy a frappe and wait for them. I got the frappe, but they also got me a ticket, so in I went with them.

Once inside, I was pretty glad I tagged along. There is a really big museum with lots of photos, stories, football gear and LOTS of trophies. It is all really well laid out and I could really feel the passion and care that had gone into the creation of the museum.


I hadn’t realised how big the club is and how fanatical its followers, so it was quite an eye opener. Especially the Messi craze – he is treated like a god throughout the museum, which must be strange and slightly awkward for him, considering he’s not only still alive, but still playing for the team!


It amazed me to find out that the stadium was slightly smaller than the MCG (in Melbourne), and yet is the largest in Europe. Who would have thought an Australian stadium would be larger than any in Europe! I guess we really are sports mad.

DSCN1488  DSCN1506

The self-guided tour takes you through the museum, around the inside of the stadium including through the team locker rooms, up onto the pitch (past a little chapel where the players can pray for a win!!), back up into the stands and the media boxes, and then back through the museum to finish.

DSCN1497   DSCN1509

It was really well put together and the boys (and I) had a great time.

The next day Barcelona were playing Nice (in Nice), so we found an old man sports bar around the corner from  our apartment to watch. Sadly, it didn’t get as busy as we had hoped, and we had to wait until about 11.30pm for dinner after the game as the waiters kept bringing out dinners to heat up in the microwave before serving them to paying customers…safe to say we were not enticed to eat there. But it was still a fun night and great to have seen a Barcelona game while in the city.

DSCN1515  DSCN1634


The Beach

As I said in one of the previous posts, before the 1992 Olympics Barcelona had no beach, but it was created to enhance the city, and it is now a real drawcard. We spent a couple of days at the beach, and it was packed!! Lots of people out having fun, day and night. One night we were there a big inflatable screen was erected and a movie started playing to hundreds of Spaniards who’d come out to watch.



It’s a beautiful beach only a 15 minute walk from the centre of the city.



The Science Museum

Again on our hop on / hop off tour, the audio guide mentioned the Science museum and the fact that it had a real life replica of the Amazon inside. So a couple of days later, we made our way there to see what it was all about

The whole museum was really well put together and really fun both for us and for the many kids who were there with their parents!!

There was a huge section on natural science with a focus on the Mediterranean sea and environment. There were all sorts of  displays that were interactive and just plain fun.

IMG_0509   IMG_0613

The replica Amazon was an incredible display, we spent ages in front of it just watching all the sea life – there were small and huge fish, turtles, a big crocodile type of thing that was camouflaged so well we almost missed it, a couple of sting rays and much more.


IMG_0632  IMG_0629

You could also go inside and look at the plants, and every 10 minutes or so it would shower down over the display like a tropical rainstorm.


The museum also had a big snake, more turtles, birds, a creepy spider and much more.

IMG_0660  IMG_0650

It was all very impressive and fun, and I can only imagine how many kids it will inspire to pursue a career in science when they grow up.

Street Art

Many doors around the area we were staying in had awesome graffiti on them, we loved spotting them all. On a related note, we saw more tattoos and heavily tattooed people in Barcelona than I think we’ve seen for the rest of the trip combined.

DSCN1517  IMG_0464

IMG_0462  IMG_0460IMG_0458  DSCN1518

And on that note, my three posts on Barcelona are complete! Hopefully it gives you a feel for how much we loved it, how creative and interesting it is, how much there is to see and do, and what incredible food there is. There was so much more I wanted to do that we didn’t have time for, so I know we’ll be back sooner rather than later!

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