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We’ve arrived!

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First things first – we have terrible wifi in our apartment, and life has been a touch hectic, but I am definitely going to finish the rest of the blog posts about our big holiday very soon.

But more importantly – we made it to London!! We arrived on Tuesday on the Eurostar and have certainly kept ourselves busy since then.

We’ve got our bank accounts, new phone numbers, joined a gym, joined a yoga studio, applied for NIN’s (like a tax file number), met up with Dan’s mates, and seen quite a bit of London. We will be on the job hunt in earnest over the next couple of days, but I met with a recruiter last week and we are both feeling good about our job prospects.

This morning we watched the All Blacks play Argentina at a pub with Dan’s lovely kiwi mates, then wandered around the beautiful Borough market.


We then went to Greenwich where the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival was in full swing and had a lovely afternoon wandering the village.

Greenwich and Black Heath are beautiful, lots of space and greenery with a lovely small English village vibe. And of course there is also the Greenwich meridian line!

The painted room was also an unexpected delight.

I’m writing this post on my mobile phone so if it looks funny my apologies!

Finally – after the gym tonight we decided to treat ourselves with a bottle of wine to have with a home cooked meal – but we only had 4 pounds and 43 pence…. Turns out that’s not enough at most supermarkets (we tried four). Finally we tried the Eastern European mini mart and found a Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria for 3 pounds 99 pence!! Who would have thought!! And it’s not too bad either!


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – and of course in particular to my dad, Dans dad, and my grandpa! We hope you have a great day.

More blogs to come once we sort out the wifi issues!

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  1. Sounds great Lis love adi x


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