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When trying to find a place to stop between Porto and San Sebastian, we’d initially settled on Leon. But after an unsuccessful hunt for nice looking, affordable accommodation, and a real lack of interesting articles on things to do in Leon (which may just have been my sub-par googling skills), I looked around for alternatives.

Valladolid was recommended on a few web pages, was about the same distance  as Leon, and was famous for being the home of Miguel Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. It is also apparently where Christopher Columbus passed away.


We found a nice hotel to stay at (Hotel Mozart), and made our way there. We only had an afternoon and evening there, but it was a lovely little town with once again, some beautiful architecture.

P1030620  P1030609  DSCN2189  DSCN2182

Although it was only a small town, there was plenty of beautiful buildings to look at and we all agreed it felt like a very affluent and well-off kind of place.

P1030611  P1030608   DSCN2193  DSCN2184

Amongst other things, we discovered a fountain with two men permanently pushing the fountain from either side. Suzi and Dan got in the action and formed a rugby scrum, as you do!

DSCN2208  P1030624

That night we went for dinner at La Parrilla De San Lorenzo, which we’d read about and was also recommended to us by the hotel reception staff.

It was a beautiful restaurant in a converted monastery, but it was very meat heavy. I ordered the lamb, which was amazingly tenderand flavoursome, but it came with absolutely nothing to accompany it, and in the menu there was no “sides” section. Quite strange. I’ve never had a meal before that was 100% meat.

IMG_1157  IMG_1161

Dan had ostrich which looked pretty gross to me, but he thought it was nice. Again, it came with no sides or accompaniments. Suzi had fish which looked quite nice. So it was a bit of a baffling meal, but nice nonetheless.


On our wander home we walked past a shoe shop with this ad on the side of the building – it made me laugh, so I thought I’d share.


And that was Vallidolid! Short but sweet. The next morning we were off to San Sebastian!

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